AccessACS FAQs

Access ACS Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Access ACS secure?
Yes. The confidentiality of your data is our main priority. Access ACS is a secure site that is supported by ACS Technologies. They are the largest developer of church management software in the industry. To ensure your data is 100% secure and protected, they utilize the most up-to-date security technology available. 

What if I do not want my contact information to be seen by other DFUMC users?
Once you are logged on, you may go to your personal preferences page within Access ACS and change your options. Click on the Home tab, then select My Account, then click on the Preferences tab. The default setting allows other members to see your address, phone number, family photo, and email address. These are the same items to which members would have access in our church directory. You have the power to select the items you wish to have seen by other members.

Who will have access to my giving record?
Only you and the Financial Administrator has access to information about your giving record.

What do I do if my giving record appears to be incorrect?
Please allow at least two weeks for your record to be updated from any given date. If there is still concern that an item is not showing on your record, please contact Helyn Mayhew, the Financial Administrator at 

Who can see my contact information on the Access ACS site?
Only registered users have access to contact information via their password. No one else on the internet can see your information. Users MUST be in our membership database before they are given a password.

What if I lose my password?
First try using the “Forgot your password or user name” function on the login page. If this doesn’t work for you then send an email to the Helyn Mayhew, ( or Ivy Smith, (  Administrators cannot see user passwords but they can reset them. When your password is reset, it will be emailed to you. When you log back into your Access ACS, you will need to go to “My Personal Preferences” page and choose “Change My Password.” Your new password will take effect immediately.

Can I reset my password?
Yes. Go to the “My Personal Preferences” page within Access ACS and select “Change My Password.” Your new password will take effect immediately.

How do I update my personal information?
Go to the “My Profile” tab in Access ACS. Click on the “Pencil Icon,” or choose “Edit” in the upper right hand corner. After you update your record, then click “Submit.” This action will submit a change request to the office administrators, and once they review it, your record will be updated. These updates are normally approved within two business days.