Little Scholars Academy

Enrollment for our 2019-2020 School Year begins February 4, 2019 for our LSA families and Open Enrollment begins March 4, 2019.
Classes offered for 2019-2020
Hours for all classes will be Monday – Thursday, 9:00am until 1:00pm.
There is a one-time registration fee of $150.

1 and 2 year old class – Monday, Wednesday – $150 per month
2 year old class – Tuesday, Thursday – $150 per month
2 year old class – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – $170 per month
2 year old class – Monday-Thursday – $190 per month
3 year old class – Monday-Thursday – $190 per month
4 year old class – Monday-Thursday – $200 per month
Mother’s Morning Out – Thursday – $80 per month no registration fee
(for children 6 months up to 2 years old)

For more information, contact Amy Thigpen at or (770) 920-9059

Little Scholars Academy 2018-2019 Calendar 

2018-2019 Registration Forms | LSA Handbook

To register for LSA, please print out the 2018-2019 Registration Forms and fill them out. Bring the completed packet along with the $150 registration fee to the school in order to be officially registered. Children will not be enrolled in the class until paperwork is properly completed and submitted along with the registration fee.

Little Scholars Academy Mission Statement

We believe that each child is a gift from God and that each child has a unique pattern of development within the broad framework of human growth and development. The purpose of the preschool program is to provide the opportunity for physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual development of children within a climate of Christian love and acceptance.

Objectives | At Little Scholars Academy (LSA) you can expect that your child will:

  1. Understand himself/herself and his/her world
  2. Learn how to work as an individual and with others
  3. Acquire skills and information for solving problems of everyday living
  4. Be encouraged to be responsible for self-expression
  5. Be provided with satisfying experiences
  6. Learn about Jesus and grow in their faith
  7. Be helped to know and feel God’s love and acceptance

Classroom activities will invite curiosity and creativity, and will take into consideration individual abilities and interests. Your child will receive individual attention and will be given the incentive to learn and grow through self-discovery and at his/her own pace. Most learning will take place through hands-on experiences and play. Each child will be encouraged to offer and share ideas and talk about his/her feelings. Christian principles will be taught and shared. Your child will grow in his/her understanding and appreciation of God’s love for them and in their feeling that he/she is someone very “special.”

The school day will include active and quiet times, free play inside and out, and individual and group activities.  Creative arts and music are an important part of our program.  Concepts, such as shapes, colors and numbers, are introduced during the year.  The alphabet and reading readiness skills are part of the curriculum.

Preschool Board

As a mission and ministry of Douglasville First UMC, Little Scholars Academy operates in cooperation with the Little Scholars Academy Board which is comprised of church members, Preschool staff and parents. Supervision is provided by the Associate Pastor of Spiritual Development.


2018-2019 Registration Forms | LSA Handbook

We offer a variety of classes to meet both the social and academic needs of the children in the community. We use the Douglas County age cut-off date. To enroll in a class, the child must be the appropriate age by September 1.

preschool-12½-Year Olds

In the Douglasville First United Methodist 2-year old program the teacher and teacher’s aide promote education through cognitive experiences and hands on activities that support the development of social skills and independence.  We understand this could be your child’s first school experience and we strive to make the experience a smooth transition into a classroom setting for both parent and child.  A little sneak peek into our age appropriate class curriculum: Bible stories; Weekly Basics – shapes, colors, and numbers;  arts and crafts; seasonal themes; story and snack times; singing and dancing; Chapel time; Music class; and of course, playground and gym time.  In addition, special events and special visitors occur throughout the year.  Potty training is supported, but not required.

3-Year Olds

The goals in the 3-year old program are for each child to grow and develop socially and emotionally, physically, cognitively, and help them with language development. We will achieve this by playing with blocks, housekeeping, through reading books, science experiments, art, manipulative toys, dramatic play, music and sensory play (playdough, sand and water). Children will participate in free play inside and out, individual and group activities, and active and quiet times. Included in our curriculum are Bible lessons, prayer, and kindness to others.

 4-Year Olds

The program for 4-year olds is a kindergarten readiness program. Our class is fun with a purpose! We do a lot of hands-on projects and activities that teach pre-reading, pre-math, writing, scissor skills, and more. We also focus on social skills such as the sharing of toys and materials, and on appropriate classroom and hallway behavior. The children also get to explore their creative side with art projects, crafts, and a weekly music class! And of course, the class favorite…the playground!

Preschool Tours

Preschool Tours can be scheduled Monday-Friday from 9:15am-11:30am. Please call the Little Scholars Academy office at 770-920-9059 to schedule a tour.

Preschool Calendar and Hours

The official Little Scholars Academy hours are 9:00am to 1:00pm. For the safety and security of the children, all entrances will be locked before and during school hours. Carpool begins at 8:50am each morning. At dismissal, the school will begin carpool at 12:50am and continue until 1:10pm if necessary.

In regard to school closings and weather, we follow the Douglas County school system. Please consult local TV and radio stations for Douglas County school closings in inclement weather conditions. All teachers will attempt to contact students when they know the preschool will be closed due to inclement weather.

For more information about Little Scholars Academy:
Amy Thigpen
Director of Little Scholars Academy
Douglasville First United Methodist Church
Office: 770-920-9059