Small Groups

Small Groups are nothing new – they’ve been around for thousands of years. Acts 2:42-47 tells us that Small Groups were the backbone of the early church. The passage says that the early church met in small groups, in homes and devoted themselves to teaching, fellowshipping, breaking bread and prayer. And God used those groups to grow the Church and develop relationships among the people of God and with God.

Small Groups are 9-13 people who meet once a week for 2 hours to study, learn and discuss God’s Word together. The focus in the groups is not information, but transformation – through the study of God’s Word and the relationships built.

Groups are led by a facilitator and discussion is a key part of the time together. Why is discussion so important? Because it is only when we think through and wrestle through Scripture that our faith is strengthen and it becomes our own. And what happens is that we discover that our faith has deepened as we have taken out God’s Word together and though our circumstances have remained the same, we are altogether changed!

Today, Small Groups are little bits of church scattered all through Douglas County. There is a Small Group coming to a neighborhood near you! We have groups for every night of the week – Sunday – Thursday. Choose a group that works with your schedule.

Our faith is not a Lone Ranger faith – it was never meant to be lived out alone – it has always been meant for community.

Groups will launch at Starting Point, September 16, 2018 from 5:00 – 7:30pm in PTH. Look at the groups available and choose a group that is right for you!

WHY? Because Life Is Better Together!



Where will Small Groups meet?  Most groups will meet in member’s homes.  However, some will meet at the church.

What if I can only meet on one day of the week at a certain time?  You will have the opportunity to sign-up for the day and time that works best for your schedule.  There will be multiple offerings.

Will I have to pray out loud? No.

Will the leader be lecturing?  No.  Small Groups are discussion based and there is an atmosphere that allows and encourages exploration of questions about life, faith, Scripture and Jesus without being given answers.

How long do Small Groups last?  This semester will last 9 weeks.

How long do the meetings last each week?  2 hours from start to finish. 

What does the format of a Small Group typically look like?  10 minutes getting settled, the next 10 minutes getting focused, the next 80 minutes discussing the lesson and application and the last 15 minutes in prayer. 

When will my group begin?  Every Small Group will launch on September 16, 2018  at an event called Starting Point.  This event will be an opportunity for each Small Group to get to know one another, have fun together and compete against other groups for catering!!!

Will my Small Group continue after the initial 9 weeks?  Not necessarily.  There are 3 semesters of Small each year – Fall, Winter & Spring.  You will have an opportunity to join a new Small Group or return to your current group each semester.    

How do I sign-up?  Online at

Do I have to attend Starting Point?  Your attendance really matters – it is highly suggested and encouraged!

Is there a cost for Small Groups?  Yes.  The cost when registering is $12.00 this cost includes your materials and your Starting Point meal.

Is registration on our website?  Yes

If I still have questions, how do I learn more about Small Groups?  Contact Robin Payne at


If you have any questions that were not answered, please do not hesitate to contact Robin Payne at