Russia Missionary

Lyle Thomas
Orphan Dreams

Current Mission Assignment: Training leaders and teams for missional engagement in Russia, based out of St. Petersburg.

Missionary Background: Previously, Lyle Thomas founded and directed a nonprofit ministry in Richmond, VA, called Christian Ministries United to empower citywide cooperation.

Prayer needs: For a strong family that radiates the love of Christ to all who pass through our home – which is a lot!

Ministry focus: Lyle’s goal is the formation of a mission team that will carry the Good News of Jesus via the multiplication of mission communities that engage the lost of their own turf.

Where is your ministry located? I am based in St. Petersburg, but I have been increasingly traveling to various parts of Russia to lead trainings.

Who is reached? Lyle ministers primarily to Russians, though some ethnic minorities also come through their doors. Youth are also sometimes ministered to, like through a youth camp that was organized last year.

Strategies employed in this ministry: Church Planting, Church Strengthening, Discipleship, Evangelism, and Leadership Development. We use elements of the Disciple Making Movements (DMM) strategy for church multiplication.

What impact have you seen? At this stage, our greatest impact has been in the lives and families of those who go through one of our programs. Church cultures have been impacted. One day, we hope to see statistically verifiable changes in the city.

Other than financial support, what other ways can our church support your ministry? I would love for some group to adopt us, meaning know intimately about us, for the sake of being our voice at the church.

Short-term mission opportunity: We would be interested in helping organize a trip to mostly get a vision for what we do and why it’s important.



Mailing Address:
Lyle Thomas
9 Shkolnaya, #64
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA 197183

Skype: lylethomas