Sunday School

The foundational core of Sunday School is the study of God’s word. Sunday School is a smaller group for discipleship but it is so much more than that – it is a place where friendships can develop and grow, where care can be given and received and it is one of the key places in the church where mission and ministry come alive. You are truly missing out if you are not in a smaller group for discipleship.

Classes differ by age, teaching styles and curriculum, but we believe that there is a class that is right for you – one where you can take your next step toward Christ.

Classes begin at 9:45am and end at 10:45am on Sunday mornings. For more information, contact the class coordinator or Robin Payne, Connections Director, at

Adventurers  |  Room A210
A fellowship of ageless adventurers sharing life’s journey as we explore new ways to know and to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, always willing to go the extra mile, we support many different ministries & missions.
Age: 50-60/Class: Discussion, Bible & Video Studies/Coordinator: Susan Dodson (

Awakening  |  Room B228
Together, growing our faith, family & community. The Awakening class is a newer class and is made up of young families with children ranging in age from preschool-high school or couples ranging in age from late thirties to forties. All are welcome. Our goal is to create a small group environment where we grow our faith, create connections and serve each other and our community.
Age: 30-40/Class: Discussion, Bible & Video Studies/Coordinator: David Lovegrove (

Brotherhood  |  Room B226
Focused on local and foreign missions, this older adult class offers an opportunity for camaraderie and rich fellowship among men.
Age: 70-80/Class: Adult Bible Study/Coordinator: Elton Thompson (

Cornerstone  |  Room B224
We seek to make the Bible the cornerstone of our path to a greater understanding of our role as 40+ Christians.
Age: 40-50/Class: Discussion, Bible & Video Studies/Coordinator: Kevin Bray (

The Gathering  |  Room A212
Based on the Bible verse Matthew 18:20, for where two or three gather in my name, there am I among them. You are invited to gather with us as we grow closer in our relationships with each other and God.
Age: 40-50/Class: Discussion, Bible & Video Studies/Coordinator: Allen Davis (

Genesis  |  Room BG2
Our time together is spent seeking scripture-based guidance and instruction through verbal interaction with active discussions on ways to apply this in our everyday lives. Topics and class studies are varied with rotating teachers. The Genesis class emphasizes and supports many churchwide ministries and missions.
Age: 50-60/Class: Discussion, Bible & Video Studies/Coordinator: Jerry Pece (

Herb Outlaw |  Room A211
The Outlaw class is an authentic group, embracing God through fellowship, service, and grace.
Age: 40-50/Class: Discussion, Bible & Video Studies/Coordinator: Doug Wilson (

Lively  |  Room A113
A fellowship, study and service class made up of women, 70’s-80’s in age.
Age: 70-80/Class: Adult Bible Study/Coordinator: Julie Koon (

New Beginnings  |  Room B222
The New Beginnings class believes in giving praise to God in all things, praying for each other and our church, studying the Bible earnestly, and helping other people where we can.
Age: 50-60/Class: Adult Bible Study/Coordinator: John Ash (

New Horizons  |  Room A209
New Horizons “Companions in Christ” is a class for couples and singles in the sixties to seventies. Lessons include Bible studies, videos and discussions. Our class serves in the community and church by supporting many local ministries and church missions.
Age: 60-70/Class: Lecture, Adult Bible Study/Coordinator: David Hall (

Wesleyan  |  Room A214
This class is for persons age 50 and over and seeks through diligent Bible study to be in mission and in ministry and to be ‘doers’ of God’s word.
Contact: Jerry Savage (
Age: 50-60/Class: Adult Bible Study/Coordinator: Jerry Savage (


A=Huffine Hall/Sanctuary building
B=Patricia Tidwell Hall building